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Achieve YOUR GOALS faster!

  • Save time
  • Muscles building
  • Weight Loss
  • Back Treatment
  • Flexibility
  • Recover faster

Save time

  • A 20 min workout is equivalent to 2 hrs in a gym.
  • Have a quick and very effective workout in the morning, during lunch or after work
  • 2 x 20 mins a week is enough
  • Proven results: Increase your muscle performance, endurance and maximum strength
  • Don’t miss your training again, even during busy days!

Muscles building

  • StimaWELL EMS helps get your whole body in shape.
  • The simultaneous stimulation of major muscle groups helps increase your performance and muscle mass in the shortest time possible. Contracts up to 90% of your muscles

Weight Loss

Training with StimaWELL EMS activates the blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Along with a balanced diet, body weight and body fat can be reduced.

Back Treatment

Effectively target weak back muscles. The body suit’s electrodes attached on the upper, middle and lower parts of the back, stimulate these muscles with maximum efficiency. They increase core stability during exercise, weight lifting and can reduce risk of injury.



  • Train in a gym, studio or at home!
  • One device offers a complete gym for you & the family
  • Easy setup! You can train by yourself in your house after one training with a certified EMS trainer
  • Virtual training and product support available

Recover faster

  • Eliminates pain: More than 80% of patients relieved in 1 to 3 sessions
  • Relaxes muscles, decreases joint stiffness and improves range of motion and function
  • Increases blood circulation and cellular metabolism

Delivering German-made, medical-grade quality to the fitness world.

StimaWELL® EMS is an advanced mid-frequency electrical muscle stimulation device using a body suit that offers a full body workout in 20 minutes. Made in Germany, this product is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality medical devices.

Imagine targeting 90% of your muscles in one 20 min workout!

  • 12-channel mid-frequency device with a full-body suit for complete work-out
  • Class II certified medical-grade
  • Over 70 advanced training programs
  • Touch screen to easily target and build muscles
  • With its mid-frequency EMS technology, the StimaWELL® EMS offers deep and wide penetration of current into the tissue and elicits strong contractions. The higher the frequency, the lower the capacitive resistance of the skin. Therefore the StimaWELL® EMS training experience is more pleasant and efficient than any other low frequency or conventional fitness training device. You must try it!

For the last few years, EMS has been revolutionizing the fitness & physiotherapy world in Germany. Thousands of independent trainers and micro-studios have opened up across the country, catering to a number of different target groups.


The chart shows the positive effects in just a few weeks of EMS training from various studies. In conventional training, the muscles are controlled by electrical signals from the central nervous system to trigger contraction and movement but only a limited percentage of muscles are voluntarily activated.

EMS is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses. The impulses are generated by a device and delivered through electrodes to the skin surface above the muscles to be stimulated up to 90%!

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