The Best Fitness Business Idea

CATEGORIES: Electrical Muscle Stimulation,EMS Training

The human body is designed for movement. There are countless instances showing that when we become sedentary suddenly we get sick. To heal an injury properly the muscles, tendons and fascia need to be trained and reinforced. The desire to move and be healthy will always be alive, which leads to the huge business that is fitness and health.


Today’s fitness business idea is electrical muscle stimulation, also known as EMS.

If you look at the trends in gyms now, it’s all about quick and effective, like high intensity interval training (HIIT). The problem is; that style of training can be very taxing on the body. “Yea that’s the point” some may say, but medium to high volumes of impact training can progressively deteriorate the joints and tendons leading to reduced mobility and pain. So what’s the solution?

EMS and balance are some solutions. The best training methods are those that incorporate push/pull, intense/regenerative and static/plyometric foundations.

Consider also, if the training never changes your body will adapt and the training will be less effective. Always keep the body guessing for maximal returns.


EMS is a technology that has been evolving for over 60 years and has been disrupting the fitness industry in Europe. Using pleasant electrical impulses a much greater percentage of the muscle is activated while you’re training leading to a complete workout in less time. StimaWELL devices have been leading the way in quality and experience for over 40 years.

These devices are medical-grade, Class II certified by Health Canada and manufactured in Germany. StimaWELL works with mid frequency, which penetrates the muscles, skin and fibers more efficiently, consistently and effectively making EMS ideal for fitness training, rehabilitation (after surgeries and injuries), muscle relaxation and helping address back pain.


For both the StimaWELL EMS and MTRS devices all that is needed is a small corner and some basic items for training (i.e exercise/medicine balls, elastics…) and you’re in business. Partners can open micro-studios (100 sq. feet and up) across Canada or simply implement EMS concepts into pre-existing clinics and studios. We sell and rent our devices which come with supporting documents, training videos, case studies and more.

These ems fitness and rehab devices are easily transportable and are great for trainers, athletes and health professionals that offer in home, corporate wellness or brick and mortar services.


1. StimaWELL EMS
A mid-frequency EMS device and advanced body suit that offers a full-body workout in 20 mins, targeting sports, fitness & rehabilitation markets. An amazing tool to add to your current training routine. 

2. StimaWELL 120MTRS
An advanced EMS/TENS therapy and relaxation wave mat that can rehabilitate and relax back muscles in 20 mins.  It’s unique, patented and offers a sensational experience, similar to a 4-handed massage.



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